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Are you interested in joining the Chemical Neuroscience program? 

We are looking for highly motivated individuals to join our team! We have opportunities for several positions including internships/co-opsresearch technicians, clinical research coordinators and postdoctoral research fellows. More details below! 

Internship/ Co-op Opportunities 

The ChemNeuro Group seeks enthusiastic undergraduate and post-graduate students to join our team for internship / co-op positionsThese are arranged based on the student’s interest in either preclinical, clinical, or academic disciplines (organic/medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, neuroscience, bioengineering). 

Clinical Research Coordinator Openings

Do you have (1) excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, (2) enjoy working independently as well as part of an integrated research team, and are (3) interested in joining our team as clinical coordinator/research assistant? As part of our human imaging studies we seek individuals to assist with recruitment, scheduling positron emission tomography (PET)  magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study procedures, data acquisitiondata

    Experience as an Intern

    I truly enjoyed my time working with Dr. Jacob Hooker and Dr. Meena Makary this summer as a 2020 Harvard PRISE Summer Research Fellow. I not only expanded my computational skills but through my time in the lab, I evolved the way I approach problems, honed my ability to work independently, and sharpened my critical thinking. I was challenged to learn and adapt to new scenarios and problems, as well as to ask questions that furthered our research goals and our thinking. Most especially, I was able to take my prior knowledge of how the brain works from a neuronal perspective and transformed this into an anatomical understanding of the brain. Finally, I was also pushed to see and understand the physical and clinical impact of the diseases we were researching so that I didn’t lose sight of our main purpose, something that was not stressed in any of my prior research experiences. My time this summer was truly memorable and allowed me to expand my technical and computational skills as a scientist, while also transforming my understanding of the brain.

    Orvin Pierre
    Harvard University
    Class of 2022

processing and writing manuscripts. The research assistant/clinical research coordinator is responsible for maintaining study protocols based on IRB and FDA guidance and regulations. The position is an excellent fit for individuals who are interested in human neuroimaging, have good attention to detail and the ability to efficiently handle fluctuating priorities and deadlines.  

Currently, we have several opportunities within our program. If interested, please apply here!

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Openings

Postdoctoral research fellows will have a dual appointment in the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  

MR-PET Focus: We seek highly creative, quick learning scientists who are strongly motivated and eager to acquire new skills and perform interdisciplinary researchWe have postdoctoral fellowships in several research areas including human MR-PET imaging in health and disease, and preclinical (rodent and NHP) imaging (PET, MRI, CT)The projects will involve the development and application of advanced neuroimaging methods using MR-PET techniques under the guidance of the ChemNeuro faculty team. Within the ChemNeuro program there are ample opportunities for collaborative investigation ranging from methodological development of MRI and PET techniques to clinical applications. Applicants should have a PhD in a relevant area such as neuroscience, biomedical science, computer science, biomedical engineering or related fields and expertise in PET/MRI data acquisition and analysis. 

Synthetic Chemist (MedChem & RadioChem Focus): We are looking for candidates to join an interdisciplinary team of neuroimaging experts, chemists, biochemists, neuroscientists and clinician-scientists, who work together to develop brain PET radiotracers for various applications, such as neuroimmune mechanisms and epigenetics. The candidates will lead small molecule discovery projects related to targets (e.g., proteins, enzymes). Projects will involve design, synthesis, and characterization of brain penetrant small molecules, and radiochemistry with positron emitting isotopes (carbon-11 or fluorine-18). The position is a great fit for individuals with chemistry background with interest in translational research.

Research Technician Openings 

The ChemNeuro Group is seeking talented post-baccalaureate scientists as research technicians to conduct wet-lab or preclinical research related to neuroimaging. This may include biochemistrypharmacology, or chemistry techniques that complement our neuroimaging projects. If you have an interest in neuroscience, pharmacology, biomedical engineering, biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry or related research field, inquire within to learn about current opportunities.