Our Research

Research in the Martinos Chemical Neuroscience program connects fundamental chemistry to human neuroscience.  What makes our program unique is our approach to research, which is built on the following elements:
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The Power of Collaboration

The Chemical Neuroscience Program is a synergistic network of five investigators, each with unique formal training (chemistry, neuroscience, physics), pursuing a better understanding of the living brain in health and disease. Each investigator uses unique methods to probe neurobiology and test hypotheses, with everyone working towards an overarching goal – understand, treat and ultimately prevent human brain diseases.

Embedded in a Rich and Interconnected Ecosystem

Operating at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, affiliated with MGH, HMS and MIT, we are enveloped with the Boston Biomedical culture. Leveraging our network of leading scientists and clinicians allows us to solve the most critical, unmet medical challenges.

The Value of Mentorship

We are committed to helping the next generation of scientists unlock their potential and lead successful careers in any facet of scientific innovation. We place high value and strict attention on sound mentorship, to foster individual growth and scientific achievement.

The Latest and Greatest Research Tools? We have them!

We are fortunate to have the latest research tools, built from the most recent technological and scientific advances. When tools are not available, we have the technical capacity to innovate across many facets of chemical neuroscience, from discovery chemistry to PET image processing.